The Energy Transitions Innovation Challenge (ENTICE): innovations at scale for a people-positive energy transition

Powered by the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP)

To accelerate India’s progress towards its sustainability goals, we must deploy new strategies, models, and approaches driven by innovation

India’s thriving startup ecosystem and growing clean energy industry provides an unparalleled opportunity to lead the way in devising innovative and effective solutions and getting closer to our sustainability targets

Our Focus

What we aim to do

  • Accelerate Energy Transitions: We aim to support the innovation of low-cost, scalable, and impactful ideas that can accelerate the deployment of sustainable energy solutions.
  • Enhance the Flow of Capital: India requires substantial capital for its energy transitions. By fostering innovation in technology and business models, we can enable the flow of capital towards sustainable energy projects and initiatives.


Financial Challenges

Scaling up tech and innovation requires far more capital than what is currently available, limiting opportunities for commercialisation of products in the market.

Technical Challenges

The execution of clean energy solutions is faced by challenges such as elongated development and execution timelines and lack of infrastructure for deployment of clean energy solutions.

Regulatory Challenges

The deployment, scaling, and adoption of green energy technologies are often hindered by regulatory complexities and barriers.

Supply-Demand Imbalance and Skill Building

Limited advocacy and incentivisation on the demand as well as supply side hinders the adoption of innovative clean energy solutions. Additionally, there is a need for skill building and mentorship support to businesses for scaling of projects.

Meet the ENTICE 2023 Winners

  • Most Innovative Solution: Vflow Tech
  • Most Scalable Solution: ReConnect Energy
  • Most Holistic Solution: Amperehour
  • Most Novel and Promising Solution: Cancrie


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Unlocking Opportunities

Empowering Your Scale-Up with Series A Funding

At ENTICE, we recognize that transformative ideas need robust backing to flourish. This is why we are offering the top 5 visionaries not just funding opportunities, but an access point to Series A capital. This crucial support can catapult your innovative solution to new heights, allowing you to truly revolutionize the energy landscape.

Facilitating Solution Deployment Through Market Linkages

ENTICE is your conduit to key industry connections. With our broad network of influential partners and stakeholders, we ensure promising solutions and their visionaries gain much more than recognition. Gain invaluable market linkages and tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience. Join forces with industry pioneers and experts ready to guide you through the intricacies of solution deployment and expedite your journey to a strong market presence.

Nurturing Growth with Tailored Mentorship

At ENTICE, our dedication to your success transcends monetary contributions. We extend our support to promising trailblazers by offering personalised mentorship from seasoned industry gurus deeply ingrained in the energy sector. These experienced professionals stand ready to guide you through the maze of market expansion, assist in refining your business strategy, and aid in overcoming challenges that emerge in your journey.

Meet the Jury

  • Jayant Sinha
    Member of Parliament,Former Minister of State for Finance, Government of India

Our Partners