Powering People and Planet 2022

Key Facts
GEAPP’s first impact report focuses on robust impact methodology and updates on our 2022 country programs.

Close to half of us on Earth – around 3.6 billion people – lack access to reliable, abundant electricity. This absence deprives communities of the ability to develop – to communicate, study, irrigate crops, refrigerate foods, and run factories. Lack of power blocks their path to prosperity.

Bringing clean energy to these communities is the key to global development. From remote villages to urban centers, clean energy can spark economic growth, innovation, jobs, and self-advancement.

Powering that crucial development for people across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean will require about four times Germany’s annual energy consumption. If this energy comes from fossil-fuel-fired power plants, the resulting emissions will significantly worsen the climate crisis.

Fortunately, we now have the means to tackle these realities and power future development, while also combating climate change. Clean energy technologies are becoming cheaper, more effective, and easier to deploy. Today we can produce more energy while cutting emissions.